My name is Alexandre Jean Renel. I am Haitian, born in Jeremie, Haiti. I studied administration management in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. After I graduated, I came back in my area to serve my community and I worked for FOSREF, an NGO. During my first Minister work in Jeremie, I saw so many young orphans and people who didn't have any profession, no musicians to play at churches in the town, and nothing to do. I started a music school for them in Jeremie. Now all churches in the town have good musicians playing good music for every Sunday service. Founder When I was teaching music, many children paid me to visit and assist them with their school. They needed food to eat daily, and needed a new life. They were always sitting in the street waiting for people to pass by in a car so they could stop them and ask for money and food. I told myself I cannot help all people but I can help some. As I was working at an organization named FOSREF, every day I received requests from the children in the street, and my heart was always broken when I saw their situations. I felt so bad and obligated to help my community. When I saw children in misery or begging in the street, as a Haitian my heart felt troubled. All my passions since I was a child were for helping children and women in need on the street. One day after work I met a lot of children who already waited for me on my way because they knew that I had free music classes for orphans. They asked me to please help them too. Jesus spoke to my heart, and I got a plan to start an orphanage project by myself. I did it myself, and then I contacted the Social Affairs to explain to them what I decided to do for the needy children that I met in a difficult life. The principal of Social Affairs told me it would be nice if I could do that. I asked them how they could help me get started on this orphanage project, and they said they could help only with legal papers. I said that’s ok I will start by myself. I used my salary, and started with eight children. The next year I took seven more children and from there I stopped with 25 children. Every month when I received my salary from FOSREF I bought enough food to last for one month. This was in 2001.

Rev. Dr. William H. Phillips B.A, M. Div, PhD., ThD, D Hum is the senior pastor at St. Paul`s UMC, SC. He has been married to Gail Tyler Phillips for 43 years. They have two children and two grandchildren. Dr. Phillips holds Humanities B.A., M.Div., PhD, D. Th., and D.D. in the Humanities degrees. He was reared in the upstate of South Carolina and has served in the United Methodist Church across the state from three thousand members to fifteen members. He has served on CEO committees, boards, and agencies for the United Methodist Church locally and nationally. He has been involved in human rights issues. Rev. Dr. William H. Phillips is the CEO of CHOHH. In 2005, Rev. Dr. William embarked on a mission trip to Jeremie, Haiti, with his daughter, Nancy Phillips, who had been there three times. Twice with me, after the earthquake in 2010, he brought help to people in a difficult life from the earthquake in Port-au-Prince. It was there that he discovered his life’s calling since he started supporting the orphanage and our professional school. His wife, having a great heart and passion to help the children, works very hard for the kids, providing food and a better place to sleep for the children. The children call him Grandfather, and they love him so much.